Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ryan Bell's Year without God - negative comments from Christians.

/Husband who told his wide, "For a year I'll act like I'm not married to you," decides not to get back together with her.  Duh. What a douche./

Today I received this comment (above) from a Christian Facebook friend - it was his response to the Ryan Bell story. The gentleman who posted this I had always seen as a moderate christian, generally one of the nicer ones who I interact with. He has always come across as honest, caring, open minded etc.

In regards to an article  I am trying to understand how christians really do see the Ryan journey? For example as above -the marriage analogy - is it a betrayal, a separation, leaving an actual being? My response  would be :  a marriage in most countries requires evidence that a potential spouse actually exists in order for a real marriage to be conducted . Or : Perhaps a closer analogy would be a person who claims to live with an imaginary spouse? Maybe in order to claim welfare benefits ? I really thought that a tiny minority would respond to Ryan's journey in a harshly negative way. I wonder how many would have been happy for him to go through this and then conclude that there was a God and then cheer loudly? Thinking, questioning etc is just fine as long as you reach our conclusion that there is a god and it is our version etc? arghh

Another FB friend said - / your marriage is with a real human being not a mythological being of which there has never been a scerrick   of evidence. The two things do not equate and to make that accretion demonstrates lack of logical abilities. Then to call someone a douche based on your own faulty reasoning is a bad reflection on you and not on someone with the courage to journey into reason./ 
What do you think?


  1. People will be quick to pass judgment on Ryan Bell (as they have been doing all along), because it makes them feel better about themselves. They don't even know him, but they'll surmise his entire adult life, motives for becoming a pastor in the first place, his relationship with god/exit from said relationship. It's annoying to me, because the ultimate in arrogance is to assume you know all about a person and what they've been through when you've never gotten to know them. When you haven't been in their shoes, how can you judge them? This says much about the kind of Christians that exist right now.

  2. I would say " some christians" ie as per Ryan's blog today , he specifically stated that many christians were supportive. Yes there are some nasty comments , I hope only the minority , I dont know