Monday, December 29, 2014

Personal Pathways To Atheism

Personal Pathways To Atheism

Every Sunday we are posting a story from our facebook page that we -  Tina Farnworth and Peter Veitch (me)  began three years ago, called Personal Pathways to Atheism. It is a page purely dedicated to those atheists who wished to share their own personal journey towards atheism, and each and every of the 60 or so stories are well worth a read! We are over  10,000 likes so if you haven't liked the page as yet, please do!!

Tina is posting them in the order in which she received them (she proof reads every single one and so knows them very well). Basically the page is setup on facebook as photo with a story. ie click on a pic to get a story.

Here is a recent one by DONNA MAREE NILLSON 
Followed by the latest one by IAN TAYLOR

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