Monday, December 29, 2014

Ex Seventh Day Adventists Facebook group.

X SDA's: I use to think and act like an Adventist, but now  I ... 

This is a group for people who are no longer members of the Seventh-day Adventist church. That's the one commonality. There are a few members who are still Seventh-day Adventists, but who respect the purpose of the group and don't try to convert us.

Having left the SDA denomination - in a variety of directions including atheism, paganism and a variety of Christian and other religions - means almost no-one here has much time for the teachings of Ellen G White. Some have more time for the Bible, or parts of it, or for challenging it.

Some enjoy alcohol, caffeine, heavy metal, robust fucken language and all manner of things frowned on by SDAs - and some don't. Our communicative ideal is 'live and let live': by all means challenge someone's ideas, but be civil to them as fellow human beings. Everyone's ideas are up for challenge - bring evidence and argument, not assertions.

Everyone (except spammers and active SDA proselytisers) is welcome, but the group is not to everyone's taste: we'll bear you no ill will if you decide it's not for you and decide to move on. Probably better to resist posting a 'Screw you guys, I'm going home!' signoff message, though.

^ This is the current "about"  group description publicly readable. Kindly written by David Geelan - one of the current admins. The group is closed, mostly so people can feel more comfortable to share ideas and experiences.  We have, at time of writing, almost 1,000 members. Last survey had about 50:50 in regard to consisting of theists & non theists. Almost all in the group were sda in the past, a few are current sda, a few are from other religious backgrounds.

X SDA's: I use to think and act like an Adventist, but now  I ...

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