Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chalk and cheese.

A religious "teacher" stands at blackboard writing about Adam & Eve, says universe was created 6,000 years ago .

Stands: this bipedal stance itself has a signature of our quadruped heritage - instead of belly etc suspended from a four footed frame we have the sequelae of anatomical reorientation . Varicose veins, haemorrhoids , back pain , hernias etc. Our sinuses aimed in the new " up" point the wrong way. Clever animals trying to get above themselves. Then sits at a desk , on a coccyx , a vestigial reminder of our past as swingers in trees.

Chalk: depending on source , may contain actual fossils. Calcium made in long dead stars. The blackboard made from slate that is millions of years old.

Cheese: a reminder that many of us are infantile digestives , never having  been weaned. The lactose tolerance gene mutations arisen in groups with cattle herds but not others . Evolution in action .

Chromosome two fusion : in 10^13+ cells in your body there is the signature , written with digital precision rè this.  See " telos" as your starting point . ( telomere ).

Light: that illuminates the lecture - from the sun that itself has spectroscopic data announcing the sun is a recycled star. Elements made from earlier super novae type  events .

The night sky: with stars , visible to the naked eye , millions of light yeas away , announce their exceeding old age.

The rocks cry out : radio isotope data point to of heaves age of the rocks .

Tectonic movement : the land you are on, still it moves. Evidence of previous and current movement and immense age . " have faith to nice mountains "? No they move themselves , no faith required.

And yet - clever animals announce the universe was made yesterday.

Addit 1: atoms build from earlier forms - hydrogen , helium etc into larger more complex forms. Heat , gravity , destructive and constructive differences ensue. The elements swirl and churn , cone together and separate. The dance of atoms that form the eye , the brain , the universe in part seeing itself . We can see into the distant past and yet ... The Seventh day adventist admin ( and other Young earth creationist groups)  can't see past their noses , in fact they can't even " see" their noses. The very DNA behind olfactory ability itself bespeaks of evolution . None so anosmic as those that don't want to smell. I smell a rat , and its name is Young earth creationism. The stench of stupid ascends to the stratosphere , descends into the abyss of arrogant willful ignorance .

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